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A surprising source of negative ions

The next time you visit your local gym make sure to use the sauna if they have one. While the old-fashioned kind that uses rocks and hot water is better, the newer styles that use light will still generate enough negative ions to leave you with a good feeling.

Using the sauna immediately working out before taking a shower can counteract that unsettled or uneasy feeling that the positive ions generated by the ever-present air conditioning and fluorescent lights often inspire. A quick detour to the sauna also offers you an opportunity to meditate or simply relax for a few minutes before reentering our hectic modern world.

Because I was fortunate enough to live near my local gym I was able to amplify those good feelings by detouring through our neighborhood park on the way home. While not everyone has this option, it’s not a bad idea to try and schedule a walk in nature following a workout to reinforce that sense of wellness that a sauna and shower can create.