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Why positive ions are bad for you

These confusingly named particles, whether they are naturally created from strong winds and humidity or artificially generated from car exhaust and toxic chemicals, are anything but positive when it comes to the impact on our health and frame of mind.

In the past when our exposure was just limited to natural sources these positively charged ions did not cause the havoc that they currently do in our modern world where virtually every form of technology produces them as a side effect. Even more problematic is the fact that their effects are multiplied by the fact we spend the majority of time indoors away from what natural sources of negatively charged ions are capable of neutralizing their impact.

They’re in our home

From the moment we wake up to our electronic alarm clocks and reach over to check our smartphones we are exposed to positive ions. While the warm shower provides a small reprieve it is quickly erased by the hairdryer and the kitchen appliances we use to make breakfast. Pretty much anywhere we go today inside our tightly closed energy-efficient homes positive ions are lurking.

They’re outside

Going outside for a walk in our suburban or urban neighborhood is not a guarantee that we can avoid exposure to positive ions. From power lines to car exhaust your probably not going to completely avoid them.

While living in the country can significantly reduce your overall exposure just through the simple act of being able to open your windows to circulate the air, it won’t stop the dust or pollen from getting past your screens or the heavy winds from blowing.

They’re at work

You’ve felt the impact of positive ions if you’ve ever had the experience of watching your ambition and alertness turn into a state of unmotivated dullness after 15 minutes at your desk.

From the ever-present fluorescent lights to your PC, printer, and photocopier (the worst offender), to your building’s HVAC systems the amount of artificial positive ions exposed to can be overwhelming.

Worse, our exposure is multiplied by the fact that office buildings, retail stores, shopping malls, storage facilities, and factories are tightly sealed for energy efficiency. This is why you’ll often notice doors closing behind you.

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