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3 simple ways to generate negative ions

Don’t allow polluting habits in your home

Smoking is of course a no-brainer. Pipe, cigar, and cigarette smoking are not only damaging to the lungs but they pollute your home. Ban all smoking in your home. Secondhand smoke is so dangerous, so why allow it?

Invite nature in with plants

Green plants not only help you feel good but they also help neutralize the bad air in your home. It is important to select house plants that are easy to care for like spider plants or spikes.

Promote airflow

It’s not always easy, but circulating the air in your home is vitally important. Opening windows a few minutes a day helps. Installing ceiling fans can also help improve a stuffy environment.

Your solution for Indoor air pollution…

  • Fully understand the effect of positive and negative ions in your environment. Start with the easiest solution like our three simple ways to improve your indoor environment. Try these for a couple of weeks and note the improvements you see by taking daily notes in a notebook.
  • Examine your environment and make a list of things that might be causing positive ion pollution. Do this for work, home, and in your car.
  • Consider purchasing air purification systems for your home. Make sure you design a program for the maintenance of these devices.
  • Rule out allergies or medical conditions with your doctor to make sure you match expectations with what negative ion generators can do for you.