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9 strategies to boost negative ions

Up until now, we’ve discussed how negative ions can improve the air quality in your home. However, there are other equally important ways to help you breathe easier indoors. This is especially important since we are spending more and more time indoors these days.

1. Use natural-based cleaning products

While vinegar and baking soda will safely clean just about anything around the house, I prefer to use eco-friendly cleaning products like Method which work just as well. I’ve also learned to keep products that contain TeaTree Oil on hand for tougher cleaning jobs such as getting rid of soap scum or even mold.

2. Store cleaning products and other chemicals outside

If you decide to continue using chemical cleaning products make sure to store them in the garage or other outside storage with paint, paint thinner and other chemicals and leave bathroom and kitchen cabinets with eco-friendly cleaning products and other environmentally neutral items.

3. Use natural pest control if possible

Speaking of toxic chemicals, if you live in certain areas of the country that require heavy pest control it is important to research eco-friendly alternatives which can easily enter your home every time you cross the threshold.

4. Clean furnace filters or HVAC filters regularly

Not only will this will reduce dust and particulates but it will save you money. This simple step has cut our monthly electricity bill by $30! While you’re at it, don’t forget to dust ceiling fans, box fans, or area fans which are famous for collecting dust and particulates. You can get a free HVAC filter delivered right to your door! Try FilterEasy Free Today!

5. Take off your shoes

The Japanese have this right. The best way to easily keep the air in your home clean is to tackle the number one source of particulates – you. Leaving your shoes at the entrance keeps the majority of germs, dust, and dirt from finding their way into your indoor air.

6. Mind your pets

Make sure pets are regularly cared for and bathed. Pet hair and dander are one of the biggest problems in any home.

7. Vacuum and dust

It goes without saying that regular dusting and vacuuming go a long way to reducing the particles flying through the air in your home.

8. Think about investing in an air purifier

There are many available on the market and I have made several suggestions for the best air purifiers. Our site has many recommendations on home and office air purifiers.

9. Invest in a water purifier for your shower

While a hot shower is a good source of negative ions, it is also another source of chemical exposure in the home. This makes sense when we realize that water treatment plants were never designed to remove chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and toxic chemicals. Needless to say, after I found this out, I did some research and installed a water purifier for my shower. As you can imagine I also only use bottled or purified water that has been tested to be fluoride-free and has the FDA recommended 6 to 8.5 pH for cooking as well as drinking. I’ve found that the hot/cold bottled water dispenser by Primo, is a good alternative if you don’t want to install a water purifier on your kitchen sink.