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Is the air in your car toxic?

No matter how nice your car is it can’t insulate you from the exhaust fumes and other airborne pollutants that characterize the modern work commute. And if that wasn’t bad enough we add insult to injury by surrounding ourselves with electronic pollution by frequently talking on our smart phones. I have no doubt that the ridiculous amount of positive ions I was exposed to during my long commute to work contributed to my auto immune disease.

There is no doubt in my mind that if you regularly spend extended periods of time on the road that you NEED a negative ion generator in your car. In addition to counteracting the positive ions surrounding you, negative ions are known to produce a sense of well-being which can go a long way in helping take on the long work day or helping you unwind from one on your way home.

This ability of negative ions to relieve tension has also been shown to help normalize blood pressure and potentially help fight free radical damage to the body since the air we breathe travels from our lungs into our bloodstream. You can learn more about the benefits of Negative Air Ionization Therapy in this Wikipedia article.

Last but not least keeping a negative ion generator in your car can reduce the impact of cigarette smoke and some users have reported that even the smell of stale cigarette smoke has disappeared after using a device.

When looking for a negative ion generator for your car or truck make sure you take into consideration:

  1. The size of your vehicle
  2. The unit’s output
  3. If you have a cigarette lighter, 12 volt power outlet or USB plug

Safe driving!