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The ultimate negative ionizer: nature

We instinctively seek out rivers and streams that are surrounded by green pastures or woods when we want to experience peace and relaxation and the high levels of negative ions are one important reason why. Unfortunately, modern life has made visiting these areas increasingly difficult despite their importance. Here are a few suggestions on how to get closer to the number one source of negative ions besides the ocean:

Local parks and nature reserves

Having lunch during the workweek or going for a walk on the weekend at one of the increasing numbers of parks and natural areas is an easy way to recharge and connect with nature.

Get your hands dirty

The simple act of touching soil whether potting plants or gardening not only provides you with a grounding experience but also exposes you to negative ions.

Visit the ocean

A barefoot walk in the sand along the shore is another way to increase our exposure to negative ions since the seaspray from the ocean is a powerful source.

Head for the hills

If you live in urban areas or the increasingly crowded suburbs and exurbs and a move to the countryside is not an option setting aside some time to travel there is the next best thing. A simple weekend trip to the mountains can transform your entire week.