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Why should I get a negative ionizer?

Placing a negative ion generator in our homes, cars, and offices is the easiest way to counteract the effects of positive ions and promote a sense of well-being, increased focus and concentration, and even increased energy.

The ability of negative ions to remove indoor allergens, dust, and even pesky odors from the air by attaching to these particles and dragging them to the closest surface or floor is truly remarkable.

While we can’t always be around the most abundant sources of negative ions such as flowing streams, ocean waves, thunderstorms, and waterfalls, we can bring the benefits into our daily lives with very little planning and expense.

Increasing negative ions

Here are five tips for increasing negative ions in your environment:

1. Follow my article on three tips to improve the indoor environment of your home or office.

2. Invest in an air ionizer. I highly recommend the Negative ionizer that I own. It is portable, easy to clean, and relatively inexpensive. I did extensive research before I purchased it.

3. Make outdoor living a part of daily life. Spend time in nature, walking in the park, or even doing your daily work out outside.

4. Get to the beach or the country as much as possible.

5. Reduce electronic Pollution in your home by sitting as far away from electronic devices as possible, reducing the number of devices around you, and storing your smartphone in the next room.

Following these simple strategies, you will reduce the number of positive ions in your environment and increase negative ions. You may experience increased wellness and health that will transform your life.